Thursday, November 22, 2012

We-Vibe 3, revisited

If you recall when I got the We-Vibe 3, you may remember that I was absolutely not in love with it.  I had high expectations and it completely failed me.  I was looking for two things: strong vibrations and something that would stay in place during sex.  I found neither in the We-Vibe 3.  My disappointment was, well, pretty deep.

So, let's look at the features that are left over: a flexible, silicone, rechargeable toy with moderate vibrations.  Once I got over the price of the vibe, followed by the insane amount of sadness it produced, Husband and I found it had one really great use.  It's fabulous for foreplay!  Several nights ago, he suggested using it when we're headed for sex soon, but not yet.  You see, the WV3 is wearable under clothing!  I mean, I wouldn't suggest wearing it out to run errands, but it's fun to wear when I'm going about a few last minute evening chores, and Husband finds that kind of sexy.  Multi-tasking at it's finest.

All this leads me to rethink my feelings on it.  I think I can sum it up this way.

As a couple's toy:  It doesn't work that way for us.  The vibrations aren't that strong and it doesn't stay on my G-spot or clitoris during sex.  So...  1 out of 5.

As a foreplay toy:  The fact that it's wearable and gives moderate, but not strong vibrations, makes it a lovely foreplay toy.  Going about whatever needs to be done while wearing it is fun for me and hot for Husband.  Win-win.  4 out of 5.  I'd give it a 5 out of 5 as a foreplay toy if the vibrations were a little stronger.

Final thought: The WV3 is a bit pricey, but it's a luxury, silicone, rechargeable toy.  That's to be expected.  However, the lack of power alone makes it seem overpriced at around $140.  Of course, everyone prefers a different vibration strength, and what's too weak to me may be too strong for someone else.  Vibration strength aside, the difficulty we face in keeping it where it needs to be during intercourse makes it seem even less worth it.  But how to reconcile that with the fact that it's great for foreplay?  I think I can do that by saying this: I'm glad I have it since it is fun to wear, but it's not worth the full price.  Get it, but get it on sale.  A really big sale.

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