Saturday, November 17, 2012

SBS Project Day 4

Carrying on, kids, carrying on.

When I walked into the bedroom Husband and I share this evening, I was not amused.  Not angry, but a little discouraged.  The new toner for the printer had come, and the boxes lay around.  There had been people climbing all over the bed and it was a crumpled mess.  There were pieces of errant laundry on the bed.  A stack of unfolded clothes were waiting for me.  The floor was still a sandy, cluttered disaster.  What's to be done?  Well, do what I did before.  Remind the kids that this is personal space and go back to cleaning up.  I can not stand to have a room that I can't walk through without tripping.

And, if I'm honest, it's not just the kids.  It's Husband.  It's me.  It's all of us.  But that's what this is all about.  Turning the family storage room back into a sexy sanctuary.  With that in mind, here are today's assignments.

Remind people of the law of your room, if necessary.

Make your bed.

Fold any leftover laundry.  Wash more.

Have your trash/donations/put away containers handy.

Pick up the obvious spaces in your floor.  We did a brief tidy of the floor yesterday.  Today we're doing a deeper clean, picking up any floor space that is visible.  That does NOT mean under your furniture.  That's later.  If your floor is particularly messy, break it up into smaller areas or use a timer set for a manageable amount of time.  There is NO SHAME in breaking up this step over the next several days.  Stop here and repeat this step until the visible parts of the floor (not under the furniture) are clean or manageable.  When you finish, go on to the next day.

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