Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Basic Guide to Sex Toys

For those that are new to sex toys, the sheer number of types, companies, and materials can be overwhelming.  Where to start if you're new?  If you don't know what you're looking for?  Sex Toys 101 is not exactly taught in sex ed.

Of course, there are way too many for me to cover everything, but here is a basic list that should be helpful.


A vibrator is any toy that is made to stimulate the genital or anal area and vibrates.  That being said, there are several different kinds, and a toy may fit into more than one category.  For instance, the G4 Big Boss is a vibrating dildo, but is also a G-Spot dildo because of the curve.

Clitoral Vibrators: A clitoral vibrator is just that.  It's made to vibrate the external part of the clitoris and is generally not made for insertion.
The We-Vibe Touch clitoral vibrator.

Vibrating Dildos/Vaginal Vibrator: A vibrating dildo is a vibrator made for vaginal stimulation.
The G4 Big Boss vibrating dildo.

Rabbit Vibrator/Dual Stimulation Vibrator: A rabbit or dual stimulation vibrator is generally a dildo with an arm that stimulates the clitoral area and vaginal area simultaneously.
Lelo Ina 2 high-end rabbit vibrator.
Photo Credit Eden Fantasys

G-Spot Vibrator: A G-spot vibrator is made to stimulate a woman's G-spot from the inside.  These usually have a curve or bulb on the end.  Sometimes the whole thing is curved.
The Uma G-Spot vibrator.
Photo credit Eden Fantasys

Wands/Massagers: Vibrating wands, sometimes marketed as massagers, have a long handle and a bulbous vibrating head.  They may be battery powered, rechargeable, or be able to be plugged in.  They are external vibrators and are NOT meant to be inserted.  However, there are companies that sell attachments that fit on the head that have a protrusion that you can insert, such as the Gee Whizzard.
Hitachi Magic Wand

Prostate/Anal Vibrator: Self-explanatory, yes?  Same as a vaginal vibrator, but made for anal or prostate stimulation.
Jopen's Ego e4 high-end prostate vibrator
Photo credit Eden Fantasys

Non-Vibrating Toys

A non-vibrating toy is, obviously, a toy made for some kind of stimulation but does not vibrate.

Dildo/Vaginal Stimulator:  This is a toy that is generally, but not always, phallic shaped, and used for vaginal stimulation.
Rainbow Heart Dildo

Prostate Massagers/Plugs:  For men, a prostate massager is a toy that massages the prostate from the inside.  A plug is made for anal stimulation in either sex.  Both may or may not vibrate.
Lelo's Bob Pleasure Object Prostate Massager
Photo Credit Eden Fantasys

Njoy Pure Plugs
Photo Credit Eden Fantasys

G-Spot Dildos: A G-spot dildo is a toy designed to stimulate the G-spot.  It may or may not vibrate.
The Pink Flowered Friend is a G-spot dildo.

Vaginal Exercisers: A vaginal exerciser is a toy that is made to strengthen vaginal muscles.  They may be called Kegel Exercisers, and often come in some round/ball shape, but not always.

Fun Factory's Teneo Uno and Duo are Kegel exercisers.
Male Masturbators: These are toys specifically for men to masturbate with but can also be used with couples as foreplay or to replace oral sex or mutual masturbation by hand.  They can be disposable or reusable, realistic or fanciful.
The Tenga Egg disposable masturbator
Photo Credit Eden Fantasys

Couple's Toys/Vibrators

Couple's Toys/Vibrators are toys that are made to be used together, but usually can also be used alone.  They can be anything from sensual wear to vibrators that are made to be worn or used during partnered sex.

We-Vibe 3 Couple's Vibrator
Ego e3
Photo Credit Eden Fantasys


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