Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The (Sexy) Bedroom Sanctuary Project...The Intro!

The bedroom Husband and I share is a very sad catchall of our lives.  Unfolded laundry.  Toys.  Papers waiting to be filed.  Piles of sand tracked in from outside.  Towers of just...stuff.  Very, very unsexy.  Not just unsexy, but unsettling!  I'm tripping over things, Husband doesn't know where his clothes are, and the kids seem to think any floor space is their playground.  I was working on it.  All of it.  Slowly, but surely...until I get tired.  And then the kids take over again.  Then all of the work is negated.

Recently, I encountered the final straw: Facetime.  For those of you that don't know, Facetime is a program that allows you to video chat on certain devices.  The kids got in the habit of talking to Husband's parents, which at first was fine.  Then, my youngest child got into a bad mood that has now lasted for 2 weeks, and when he gets mad, he goes to Facetime his grandparents.  I don't blame him for it.  He's only 5.  But, more often than not, he, and his older brother, Facetime in my bedroom.  Our bedroom.  The room I share with Husband.  It feels too much like I have way too many people in my personal space, even though those people are actually half way across the country.  Don't get me wrong, I love that they can talk to each other.  It's wonderful to have the kids occupied sometimes so Husband and I can just have a minute to breathe.  At the moment, though, I'm feeling hormonal and tired and so...crowded.  Do they know they are crowding me?  No.  It's not their issue (my kids or my inlaws).  It's my issue.  But it is an issue that desperately needs to be fixed to preserve my sanity.

Therefore, for the two reasons stated above (clutter and privacy), I am taking back our bedroom!  It is a space for myself and my husband only.  Everyone else may only enter upon invitation.  I know it's childish of me, but this is a small house and sometimes Mom just needs a little bit of space!  Space that belongs to no one else but myself and my husband.  This is where we talk.  Where we argue.  Where we love.  Where we dream.  Where we cuddle.  Where we nurse each other in illness.  Where we reassure each other.  Where we need to be at the end of the day.  It is our space, and doesn't deserve to be treated like the whole family's closet and conference room.  I am making a stand and taking it back.  I will make it into the sanctuary it is meant to be!

In the next few weeks, I'm going to be setting aside chunks of time and give myself assignments to complete in the bedroom.  When it is all over (I don't know when that will be until I write out a schedule), I will have the bedroom that we deserve.  I'll be posting what I'm doing, so everyone is free to follow along and do their own SBS Project.  Join me?  I think you'll want to.

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