Does your husband know about your blog?  How does he feel about it?
He knows.  He knew before I started that I was going to do it, and he is supportive about it.  Honestly, I wouldn't consider doing this without his support and approval because, by nature, this blog isn't about me.  It's about us.  I wouldn't dream of sharing such private information without his consent.

Does your family/friends know?
A very few select people.  Some are supportive, some are ambivalent.  No one has come to me with their disapproval.

How do you feel about [insert some sex act here]?
Honestly, I feel what a couple does in private is their own business.  As long as whatever they are doing is done consensually, safely, and respectfully, I don't see an issue.

What if I have a question about a product you reviewed?
You can leave a comment in the post or you can email me.   

What's up with the "received this item at a discount" or "received this item for free" posts?
This merely means that I received whatever I'm talking about at a discount or for free in exchange for something, usually writing a review.  However, my reviews are always honest.  I don't care if a company sends me $1000 in products; if I don't like it, you're going to know.  Period.

We're a manufacturer or shop.  Will you review an item for us?
I'm very open to talking with stores and manufacturers and have worked with both.  Email me and we'll work out the details.

Do you ever say no to doing a review when a company offers you a product?
Rarely, but it has happened.  I never accept a product to review and then not review it.  That would be unethical.  But there have been times when I refused an item outright.  There was a book that was racist, sexist, and full of bad "sex ed" information that I absolutely refused to touch, even though the author and publicist asked me multiple times if I'd like to have a copy to review.  Other than that, there have been times that I was offered a product that we wouldn't use in our sex lives, so I wouldn't be able to write a useful review and had to turn it down.  Still, there isn't much that we wouldn't at least try, so I say yes most of the time.  If you aren't sure if I'd review a product, you can email me and ask.

Can I advertise my company on your site?
I'm not accepting advertisements at this time.

If you aren't accepting ads, what's with the "Shops I Love" list on the sidebar?
That's exactly what I said it is.  It's shops I love.  A company cannot buy their way onto this list.  And believe me, there have been those that tried.

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