Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Whipspider Rubberworks Tentacle Review

~I received this item at a discount.~

Some time ago, I remember whispering excitedly to a friend that I found a toy shaped like a tentacle, and I was going to buy it.  When she asked me why, I told her that even though I don't exactly have a love of tentacles (some people do), the toy was way too unique to pass up.  Penis shaped toys?  Got 'em.  Toys that can double as art pieces?  Check.  Toys with colors so vibrant they should come with a hazmat warning?  You betcha.  Tentacle shaped toys?  No!  That I didn't have.  And with the Whipspider Rubberworks Tentacle being blue and green (two of my favorite sex toy colors), how could I pass it up?

A little bit about it: Although the name of the company contains the word "rubberworks," their toys are actually silicone.  The Tentacle is a shimmery, multi-tone blue on one side, with seafoam-colored textured suckers on the other.

The circumference starts small at the tip and wider as you get to the base.  At the tip it is about 3.25" in circumference, while at the base it's around 9.25".

What I loved:  The Tentacle is fantastic for G-spotting.  The tip has a dramatic curve that hits juuuust right, which is a huge plus for me since I've run into several toys that don't have enough of a curve to provide the right stimulation without contorting into weird positions. It's firm enough to provide solid G-spot stimulation for me, but it's slightly squishy and flexible, so it's comfortable, too!

And the suckers!  Oh, the suckers!  I've had textured toys before.  Some textures I couldn't even feel, some were great against my G-spot, but the suckers on the Tentacle are far different, and much more pronounced.  They feel rough and bumpy in use, which for me is nice.  I like textures.   If you don't like textures, that's going to be a huge drawback for you.

The final thing I love is the fun shape!  I mean, it's a tentacle.  I've found so many toys that look unique and fun, but only come in jelly or rubber, neither of which are completely body safe.  But this is silicone!  And did I mention that the sucker side of the Tentacle glows in the dark?  Because it glows in the dark.

What I didn't:  Even though I love the texture of the suckers, it feels a little odd that they run up the side instead of along the inner or outer curve.  That means I feel it only on the left side of my vagina, as opposed to the top or all around, which is what most toys have.

The only other issue is cleaning.  Those suckers can sometimes be difficult to get fully clean and occasionally need a going over with a toothbrush for that reason.  Personally, I keep a toothbrush that I only use on toys.

Final thought:  The Tentacle retails for about $80 and will likely last many years with proper care.  It's a wonderful and worthwhile addition for those that like girth, G-spot curves, unique shapes and extreme textures.  If that's you, you'll want to have this one in your collection.  However, if you do not like larger toys or textures, you'll want to skip it.

Finally, I'd like to note that there have been rumors between bloggers and shops--and just rumors, mind you--that Whipspider may be going or have gone on hiatus.  Having no idea what's rumor and what's true, I've contacted Whipspider directly on the matter and am currently waiting for a reply.  I will update if/when I receive a response.  In the meantime, if this sounds like a toy you'd like, it would probably be prudent to go ahead and buy, just in case.

~I received this item at a discount.~

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