Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bimini Ocean Review

I had been eyeing Fun Factory's Bimini Ocean for months.  It seemed like the perfect size and shape for me, and, it's ridiculously cute looking.  Not cutesy in the worst-combination-of-pink-and-sparkles-I've-ever-seen kind of way that seems to practically be a trademark of lower quality toys, but an aesthetically appealing, fun-without-overdoing-it beauty.

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A little bit about it: The Bimini Ocean is a rechargeable dual action/rabbit vibrator.  There is a curl on the end for G-spot stimulation, and a curl towards the base above the operating buttons for clitoral stimulation.  The shaft and curls are made out of silicone, and the base is made of plastic.  It's rechargeable, waterproof, has multiple speeds and patterns, and is relatively quiet.

Packaging: The vibe came in two piece packaging: the outer sleeve and the inner box.  The outer sleeve is classy, but not really discreet.  One side there is a large photo of the Bimini Ocean, on the other is a small photo of a woman in a camisole, but it's tastefully done.  The inner box is that strange copper/gold/silver color that I've only seen on Fun Factory packages.  I don't even know what to call that color.  Like...bronze with a touch of silver?  Anyway, it's a nice box that can be used for storage or even gifting, if you so choose.  The only graphics on the inner box are a red circle with "Fun Factory" written in white, and "Your Perfect Moment" written in red.

What I loved:   The intensity of the vibrations is just right.  If Hitachi is a 5, the Bimini Ocean is a solid mid-to-high 4, which is strong enough to have some definite pleasurable oomph without being too strong or too weak.

I'm not really sure what to make of the vibrations themselves.  I can't really call them rumbly, but I certainly can't call them buzzy.  It's a mix between the two.  Although I hate buzzy vibrations, this mix is not too bad at all.

I've found that the Bimini Ocean is also great to use as an external clitoral vibe during sex with Husband.  It's nice and soft, and not so big that it's intrusive, especially in the woman on top/cowgirl position.

What I didn't:  The angle of the G-spot curl isn't quite steep enough for me to get pleasure out of it unless I tilt the base way down so the tip goes up.  Then it hits my G-spot nicely, but the angle takes the clitoral curl off my clitoris.  It seems, unfortunately, that with the Bimini Ocean I can have clitoral stimulation or G-spot stimulation, but not both at once.  I have to say that was actually somewhat expected since everyone's anatomy is different.  No toy is going to work for everyone.

Final thought:  I like this one.  I'm not over the moon in love with it because it doesn't fit my anatomy just right, but I quite liked it.  The fact that it can easily double as an external clitoral vibrator and do it well is enough for me to recommend it.  Even if it doesn't fit a person's anatomy, it will be far from useless.

~I received this item at a discount in exchange for writing a review on another site.~

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