Monday, October 8, 2012

Fun Factory G4 Big Boss Review

Fun Factory G4 Big Boss
Every now and then, I find a toy that is just so delightfully different I have to have it and at least try it.  That was the case with Fun Factory's G4 Big Boss.  It's big.  It vibrates.  It's a radioactive kind of orange.  Husband and I both love it, both for my solo time and our couple time.  However, for those people that don't like realistic looking toys, you have to be aware that the Big Boss does, in fact, look like a a weird, florescent orange kind of way.

A little bit about it: The G4 Big Boss is a large, waterproof, silicone vaginal vibrator that can also be used as a clitoral vibrator.  It comes in your choice of black or orange, is rechargeable with Fun Factory's "Click 'n' Charge" magnetic adapter (included), and features several speeds and vibration patterns that can be scrolled through by using the buttons on the plastic handle.  The "+" button increases speed, "-" decreases speed, and "*" cycles through the patterns.

I have to say that I find the "Big Boss" to be a corny name, but it does get the point across.  It is about 9 inches long (in total, including the handle), and 5.5 inches around.  That's pretty big, perhaps bigger than some people are comfortable with, and there's no shame in that.

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Since the vibrator is made of silicone, silicone lubricants can not be used with it.  Use a water-based lubricant instead.

What I loved: Wow, what didn't I love?  For starters, the vibrations are very strong.  Not quite Hitachi strong, but a good 4.5 out of 5.  The gentle curve of the shaft is great for hitting the G-spot, as long as you don't mind the girth of it.  The loop in the handle makes the BB easy to hold, although I have heard that some people feel differently about the way the loop is designed.  And the buttons!  Oh, I have to say those buttons are just neat.  As long as the battery in the BB has been charged, if you rub your hand or thumb over the buttons, not pressing them, but just brushing by them, the buttons light up.  How cool is that?

The texture is mostly smooth, but there are some stylistic waves here and there, but nothing really noticeable.  As far as firmness goes, the Big Boss is firm yet flexible.  You won't have trouble with it bending when you don't want it to, but there is some flex to it.

I also have to say that I liked the packaging.  The outer sleeve was...meh.  I'm neither here nor there on the huge picture of the contents on the sleeve.  It's tasteful, but just OK.  Certainly not discreet.   But, if you remove the outer cardboard sleeve, there is a beautiful plain box inside that I also use to store the Big Boss.

What I didn't: Short battery life.  The BB only lasts 20-30 minutes running on high on a full charge.  This, in my opinion, is the main drawback.  That being said, I think the pros here definitely outweigh the cons.

Final thought: I recommend the G4 Big Boss to those that aren't new to toys and aren't afraid of size.  It's one of those toys that we're so glad that we bought, but I really don't think it is for the shy or those just beginning to look at vibrators for the first time.  Those that have had little exposure with sex toys may find this intimidating.  (Do you hear me, gentlemen?  NOT a good first vibrator for your wife.)

There are those that will find the dimensions of the BB to be too much, and the shape will be a turn off for others.  For those people, I would suggest they look at other items that Fun Factory produces.  They manufacture vibrators of every shape, size, and color along with other sexual/health items (remember Smartballs?), so you are bound to find something you like.

~I received this product at a discount in exchange for writing a review on another site.~


  1. Your blog is looking great!! Thanks for all of the great info.

  2. ITA re: creepy penis resemblance. Dh says he would feel inferior to the sheer size of it... What do you say to that???

    1. Well, it's not for everyone. There's no shame in saying that it's not for you as an individual or a couple. That's why there are so many different kinds of toys. If it creeps you out or makes someone have negative feelings, then by all means, stay away from it and choose something else.

      If you like the features of this, but not the size/shape, I would check out Fun Factory's line of mini-vibes.