Friday, October 26, 2012

Finding the Time: The Time is When You Make It

"We don't have the time.  We have kids."

I've heard this so many times now.  Sometimes, it's morphed into "We don't have time.  We have teenagers."

Parenting is an amazing journey.  It's full of ups and downs, joys and worries, small victories and quiet losses.  Marriage is the same.  It's both relaxing shelter and hard work.  As I've said before, Husband and I believe that sex is a part of marriage that affects other parts, and we're not willing to compromise in this area.  Sometimes that means we're exhausted.  Sometimes that means we stay up long after the kids are in bed.  Heck, sometimes that means we're up in the middle of the night or awake before the morning alarm!  The point is that no matter when the time is, there is time.  We make sure of that.

The other day a friend said there is no time because there are teenagers in the house.  I just don't get that.  Are the teens always home?  Are they making a nuisance of themselves?  Do you not have a lock on your bedroom door??? 

Yes, finding the time is hard.  But it's worth it.