Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bedroom Misadventures Episode 2

You've heard me talk about wanting to get a men's toy for Husband.  Well, a few days ago, the Tenga Flip Hole in black went on sale on Eden Fantasys for 35% off.  And, I had points to spend.  So I bought it.  It arrived today, but we haven't used it yet.  This is not a review.  Not yet.  This post is about what happened with the packaging.

The Flip Hole comes in a large, plastic tube that also houses the instructions and three small bottles of lubricant.  One of the lubricant bottles had come lose and spilled lube all over the inside and outside of the package, and all over the box.  I didn't panic.  Shipping issues happen, and as long as the item wasn't damaged, we were fine.  It wasn't.  I figured I'd just wash it off, no problem.

Checking the package, trying to find a way to open the cylinder, I noticed a tiny red dot near the top that said, "PUSH."  Ah, a way to open it.  I pushed.  Not hard.  This sent the round, plastic lid of the cylinder flying past me, across the room, but not before grazing my head and depositing lubricant all over my hair.

Not awesome.  Funny, but not awesome.

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