Monday, November 12, 2012

The Holidays are Coming Up...

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It's not even Thanksgiving yet, but people are starting to get their Christmas lists together.  If you've been waiting for a special occasion to get a really nice toy, this may be the time.  Want something, but don't know what?  Here are a few of my picks that I have tried and loved.

For Her: A wand vibrator, also called a massager.  Wand vibrators come in a variety of sizes, qualities, strengths, and colors.  Some are rechargeable, some run on batteries, some plug in to the wall.  The most well known is the Hitachi Magic Wand, which I currently own.  Many high-end companies are now coming out with their own version of wand vibrators, like the Lelo Smart Wand.  Even though wands are made for external use, you can buy attachments for some of them that allow them to be used internally, such as the Gee Whiz.

For Him:  Male Maturbator.  Honestly, this is an area that Husband and I are just learning about.  So many of our toys are female-centric, or female-centric that we learn how to use as a couple.  I wanted to get something for him, something high-quality.  The problem was that neither of us were sure if he'd like that kind of toy, since he'd never had one.  We came upon the Tenga Egg, which is a disposable one.  He loved it and now I'm on the hunt for a long-lasting toy that we can use together.  Or apart.  Or both.
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For the Couple: Vibrator and Massager.  I'm in love with the We-Vibe Touch for sex with Husband.  In certain positions it fits between us, is rechargeable, and made of silicone.  I also love the Contour M by JimmyJane for actual muscle massages.  Simple to use, made of ceramic, and doesn't hurt our hands.
We-Vibe Touch

JimmyJane Contour M

For info on female orgasm: The book!  I Love Female Orgasm is a book that I wouldn't be without now.  The book is all encompassing, so not all of the information will be relevant to every one.  However, the book is full of fantastic information.

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All that being said, what am I getting?  I've got my eye on a couple of things.  I'm thinking about getting Husband the Tenga Flip Hole.  And as a gift for us, my next order will probably be the Jopen Ego e3, and maybe these feathery things, just because I find them amusing.

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