Thursday, November 29, 2012

Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo Review

Wedge on the left, Ramp on the right
Sex furniture.  It's something that I never thought I'd own.  That's something for R rated movies and porn...isn't it?  Well, apparently not.  The Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo is now residing in our very real bedroom, and I couldn't be happier.

A little bit about them:  The Liberator Wedge and Ramp are two different products that are sold separately or can be bought together as a "Combo" set.  The Wedge is the smaller of the two and is often used to change the angle of the woman's hips in either missionary position or "doggy style".  The Ramp is much larger and generally used to help make "doggy style" more comfortable and supportive for the woman, taking the strain off her joints.  Put them together and you are only limited by your imagination.  Their microfiber covers create friction against each other, so they stick together.


What I loved: Choices!  If you buy from the Liberator site, not only can you choose the color of the Wedge/Ramp, but you can also customize the height and width to match your body type.  Don't worry, there's a guide on the site to help you select what size is best for you.  A friend, however, pointed out to me that the squishiness of your mattress matters here.  We have a Tempurpedic mattress and we don't sink very far into it, so the guide was right on for us.  However, my friend has a very tall husband and they tend to sink down into the mattress, so they bought the "average height" instead of the taller version, and it works just right for them.  It's something you may want to consider before you buy.

The microfiber of the Wedge and Ramp feel really nice under my hand.  Don't think of those microfiber cleaning cloths that stick to your hands.  It's not like that at all.  It feels more like velvet or velour.  The fabrics create friction against each other, so if you stack the Ramp and Wedge together, they won't slide around during use.
Look!  They stick!

Inside the removable covers is a very dense foam.  It's neither hard nor soft, but very comfortable and supportive.  Neither Husband nor I, nor both of us together, sink into it, but remain supported on top.  It doesn't collapse at all like pillows.  The same density that makes it great for sex also makes it great for lounging.  Placing the Ramp so it supports my back and head (so my head is high) with the Wedge under my legs is extremely comfortable.   I find myself back on it again and again, even though sex is not on my mind.  It's that comfy.
My favorite lounging configuration

Although this set can be arranged to facilitate a large variety of positions (and we intend on finding each and every one!), we actually bought it for one position in particular.  Husband loves the cowgirl (woman-on-top) position, but supporting myself like that just kills my wrists.  It was to the point that I was beginning to worry about irreversible injury.  I figured the Ramp would bring his upper body up towards me and I would be able to rest my arms on the ramp if I leaned forward.  Guess what?  It worked exactly like that.

Then, we tried doggy style with the Ramp.  Oh my freaking goodness, it was perfect.  I could rest my upper body on the Ramp (head pointed downwards).  The height was just right.  I wasn't having to adjust myself or strain my torso,back, arms or wrists.  Just wow.

What I didn't: It's hard to store, I guess.  You know what?  So far, there is nothing I've found that I don't like.  However, a friend did mention to me that the labels may be a problem for children or prying eyes.  If that's an issue, make good friends with a pair of scissors and a seam ripper so you can remove them.

Final thought:  Worth it!  The set is pricey at around $230, but consider this: it will save your joints, you can use it for things that have nothing to do with sex, you can get into all sorts of great, new positions (hello, G-spot!), and other owners I've talked to tell me that theirs shows little to no wear after 2 years of ownership.  This was a Christmas gift to ourselves for Husband and I, and I am beyond thrilled.  I highly recommend it!


  1. Good for you!! I love mine and we use it for lots of stuff, not only for great sex!

  2. I love the look of the soft brown! Mine is basic black and I didn't get to customize anything- but I still LOVE the set. It was amazing when my 3 year old was nursing. The wedge was just the right height to support his tiny little bum in the proper position. :)

    1. Nursing! I didn't even think of that. Great idea, Airen!