Wednesday, November 21, 2012

SBS Project Day 7

Now we're going to get into some heavy duty stuff.  After we're done with the big stuff, which is going to take a few days, we're going to get into fun stuff, like making your sexy space.  It will be fun.

Laundry/Make Bed/Have your containers.  You've got this.

Tidy the floor.  Anything on the floor that needs to be picked up?  Do so.

Look at your clutter corners.  These are areas where clutter just kind of falls and stays there.  Next to your desk, between the bed and night stand, behind the door, etc.  Today, we're going to start cleaning these.  Have your donation, trash, and put away containers handy, pick a clutter corner, and start working.  If your clutter corners are particularly messy, you are short on time, or you are struggling, break up clutter corners into several days.  There's no shame in only doing one clutter area today.  Or half of one.  Go at your own pace.  Remember, we are not doing under the furniture yet.

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