Thursday, November 15, 2012

Update on the We-Vibe Touch

After a few days, We-Vibe got back to me, told me it sounds like my unit is defective.  They advised me to send it back, they'd check it over, and if necessary, send me a new one from their New York location.  They also advised me what I needed to put on the customs form.

Crap.  Customs form.  We-Vibe is a Canadian company, and to be checked, my vibe must go back to Canada.  So, I get to go and stand in line at the post office, which will be PACKED right now, and pay to have my defective unit sent back, and fill out customs forms.  That sounds like quite a bit of a hassle, especially since our local post office cut their hours WAY back, and anyone I'll be standing in line with will be eight shades of pissed off.  Maybe I should just get a new one...I do have enough Eden points for it, but those were earmarked for something else.

Decisions, decisions.  Well, I'll let you know what I decide to do.

Anyway, coming up later today, look for day 2 of the SBS Project.

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