Thursday, November 22, 2012

SBS Project Day 8

Today on the (Sexy) Bedroom Sanctuary Project, we're going to look at those flat surfaces that tend to collect junk.  Don't panic!  You can do this.  Remember that you can break this up over several days if you have a lot to do.

Make bed/do laundry/have your containers.  You get it.

Tidy main spaces of floor, if necessary.

Look at the flat surfaces.  These are the tops of dressers, wardrobes, desks, display shelves, nightstands, etc.  How long this step will take depends on how many surfaces you have and how messy they are.

Step by step, here is what you are going to do for each surface:

1. Grab your trash/donation/put away containers and keep them handy.  You will put anything that doesn't belong in that space in the appropriate container.

2.  Start decluttering.  If you have a lot to do or are feeling overwhelmed, set a timer for a reasonable amount of time.  I suggest 10 or 15 minutes if you are struggling.  For each item you find, ask yourself if you love it and if you need it.  If the answer is no, put the item in the donation or trash container.

3.  When you are done removing all the clutter, all that should be left are things you (or your spouse) love or need.  Dust the area.  If it's light dust, use a feather duster.  For heavier dust, use a rag.

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