Friday, November 16, 2012

SBS Project Day 3

Today on the Sexy Bedroom Sanctuary Project, we're just going to do what we did before, plus a little extra.  I don't know about you, but I'm starting to feel a little peace entering my room already, which is fabulous, because I'm feeling kind of crabby.

Make the bed.

Put some laundry in to wash (if you have any waiting) and fold any clean clothes.

Have your containers ready for trash/donations/put away.

Pick up the laundry.    Look around.  Do you have any clean or dirty clothes on the floor?  Pick them up.  Fold them and put them away or put them in the hamper.  If in doing this, you find any clothes that nobody wears but somehow keeps getting pulled back out, put it in your donation container.  Or put aside to make rags from.  Or toss it.

Brief floor tidy.  If you now have enough room to sweep or vacuum the floor, even if you can't do all of the floor, go ahead and do that now.  If you look and have anything on the floor that is obviously trash, doesn't belong there, or can get donated, put it in the appropriate containers.  If you have a lot of floor space to clean, limit yourself to one specific area or set a timer for no more than 15 minutes and clean for that amount of time.  Remember, if you do too much in one day you risk shutting down.  This is a quick and dirty tidy, picking up anything that jumps out at us.  This doesn't mean that you should clean all of the floor right now (you shouldn't), or clean out from under the furniture.  That's later.

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