Wednesday, September 5, 2012

We-Vibe 3 Review ...maybe part 1?

Husband and I were so very excited to try the We-Vibe 3.  There was so much hype around it being one of the best couple's toy ever.  It has to be something awesome, right?  Well...maybe not.  In fact, I don't know that I can even write a proper review on it, so, for the moment, here's the lowdown.

The We-Vibe 3 is marketed as a couple's vibrator.  It's a U (or C) shaped vibrator that is made to have one arm sit on the g-spot, and the other arm on the clitoris, and used during sex.  It's waterproof, rechargeable, comes with a plastic storage case and a remote (but there's a button on the vibrator itself if you lose or break the remote).

We-Vibe 3 @ Rollinthehay.blogspot.comFirst off, the initial charge takes 24 hours and I am not a patient person.

Second, as far as the actual use goes, Husband and I gave up in about 10 minutes.  The vibrations are weak.  The We-Vibe slipped all over the place and wouldn't stay put.

I'm disappointed.

A lot.

We-Vibe 3See, if it doesn't stay put, there is no point to the thing.  I mean, I know that it is somewhat anatomy dependent, meaning it won't work for everyone, but I think Husband and I are pretty typical.

For the moment, we've stopped using it, with the intention of picking it up again when we feel less frustrated with the thing and seeing if we can somehow make it work.  In the meantime, I'm sticking with the We-Vibe Touch.

~I received this item at a 30% discount in exchange for a review on another site.~


  1. YIKES!!

    I hate it when a toy costs that much- even if you buy it with points it is still you spent those hours working for them- and it falls short.

    I know for me when I buy a toy that everyone raves on about and I find it lacking... I tend to get very sad because I for some reason think there is something wrong with me.

    I know there is not, but it is just how I feel at that moment.

    I am sad to hear this doesn't work as a couple toy. Have you tried it as a prostate toy for your husband? I have heard of couples trying that.

    And it is also such a shame that We-Vibe came out with such other good toys like Tango and Touch yet their "ultimate" toy falls weak.


    This makes me personally feel unhappy, and makes me feel sad that We-Vibe came out with a dud. Speaking of dud. Did you compare your guy with someone elses to make sure that you've got a good motor? I mean I thought I might have gotten a bad UFO and compared mine with someone else via Skype and other toys we both shared to see if mine was a dud. Maybe *fingers crosses* you got a dud.

  2. I'm 99% sure that it's not a dud. And, it only has 2 speeds. It's high is like a medium-ish on the Touch.

    After points and discount, I only ended up paying about $20 for it, but still. It's supposed to be the alpha toy, kwim? I'm very disappointed that their flagship toy doesn't seem to work. I saw other reviews that said the same thing, but I didn't want to believe it.

  3. I think you are spot on with this review. Well, I bought this based on numerous positive reviews and I must say, it did absolutely nothing for us. My partner found the vibrations too weak for her to feel anything and you have to go slow or the we-vib will fall out. The remote has to point directly at the device to work and makes it difficult in the heat of the moment to change up. Basically, if your lady needs a lot of clitoral stimulation like mine, the we-vib is NOT for you. We think this is a very poor clitoral and G-spot stimulator and frankly a waste of 200 dollars. Very disappointing