Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sex is Disgusting

Husband and I were just sitting and relaxing, when he asked, "Do you find sex disgusting?"

Excusez-moi?  What did you just ask me?

Apparently, he had run across an article that suggested that women (and possibly men), in a non-aroused state find sex disgusting, and that arousal helps them to overcome this feeling of disgust.

I don't get this.  Do I believe some women, no, some people, are disgusted by sex?  Sure.  Do I believe that we are just wired that way?  I seriously, seriously doubt it.  I can imagine that being aroused would help us overcome some sort of ick or shock factor, since I'm more likely to try something new in the bedroom if I'm properly aroused first, but I don't understand the feeling of ickiness the article seems to be claiming to be linked to sex in general.

Following this line of logic, if Husband came to me, while I was say...doing the dishes... and described a new sex position he wanted to try, I should immediately feel dirty and perhaps hit him with a frying pan.  But I'll tell you right now that doesn't happen.  In this scenario, what actually happens is that I will either become aroused by his idea or I will acknowledge his idea with no emotion at all.

Am I alone here?  Am I the only one who doesn't feel completely disgusted by the idea of sex, whether or not I'm aroused?


  1. No, you're not alone. I can't recall ever thinking of sex as being disgusting.

    My guess is that maybe the group of women they researched were serious germaphobes. That or the men they were be exposed to were opposed to washing their genitals (LOL)

  2. Thanks, Michele. And something else that I find just mind boggling is that one of the "tests" they did was see if they would or would not be disgusted by sticking their finger in a tray of used condoms. I don't care how aroused I am, that's still gross and has nothing to do with sexual enjoyment!