Sunday, September 9, 2012

Why I moved

If you've made the hike to follow me all the way over here from Wordpress, congrats!  Nice to see you.  If you are meeting me for the first time, hey there!  Nice to see you.

Now, for those of you that followed me over, you may be wondering why I spontaneously moved.  The blog was doing pretty well over there, the stats were pretty rockin', the useability and user interface was fantastic.  And, you may note, that generally people go from Blogger to Wordpress, not the other way around, so what gives?

Simply put, here is the issue.  Sometimes I add links.  It's just a necessary part of what I do here.  Wordpress didn't always like what links that I made and would flag them as "affiliate links" (links where you make money per click and such).  Even though I didn't actually have links like that, they got flagged anyway.  This resulted in me having to contact Wordpress and get it fixed and yadda yadda yadda.  But, the issue did get fixed.

I thought it did, anyway.

Turns out it didn't really.  See, there is a company I intend on working with during the course of this blog.  Call them a sponsor, if you will.  They give me perks (but not money) for talking about them every now and again.  I don't mind doing that.  I like them.  They're a great company.  I buy most of what I review here from them (at the time of this post).

Recently, I received an e-mail from this company that said due to Wordpress's terms of service, they can't work with me while I remained there.


But I really wanted to work with this company.  I was faced with a very difficult decision.  I could stay with Wordpress, where I loved the interface and was doing well but would not be able to work with my favorite company, or, I could go through the pain of moving my blog, in it's entirety, over to Blogger/Blogspot, hope it does as well, and hope my followers so far follow me over.

You can clearly see what decision I made. Welcome to Blogger.

For those that knew me over there, I really hope you made it over.  And those of you that know me, the real me, personally, who had been afraid to comment and leave evidence of you visiting, you'll find that I've now made it so you can comment anonymously. 

So there we go.  From this point backwards in time, you'll see all of the posts, photos, and reviews you saw over at Wordpress.  They're all here.  From this point forward, you'll see all new material.

And yes, I know the follower widget is not working at this moment.  I've already contacted Blogger about it.


  1. I'm glad the move went ok without too many hassles!
    My blog

  2. Just glad I could get on the blog today! I can relate to looking at my husband when we are cranky and asking if we should have sex! Makes a huge difference!
    (one of your FB hb friends...)

    1. I totally understand! For me, after crankiness and irritation comes depression and anxiety. Blech. Who wants to deal with that?

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