Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Njoy Pure Wand Review

Every now and then I find a toy that Husband and I just fall completely in love with.  We found that kind of toy in the Njoy Pure Wand.  Like many luxury toys, I wavered over whether or not this one was going to be worth the asking price, but the stellar reviews and the "You must get this toy!" sentiment among toy testers had me taking a second look.  I realized that though I have a glass toy that is similar in shape, I am always dropping and breaking things.  I've dropped my glass toy no less than three times, and I knew eventually it was going to shatter.  Enter the Pure Wand, which is darn near unbreakable.

A little bit about it: The Njoy Pure Wand is a piece of stainless steel awesomeness.  It is double ended, having two separate, distinct heads.  By my measurements, the larger head is 4 3/4 inches around, and the smaller is 3 1/4 inches around.  The length, if you measure from the outside curve from end to end, is around 11 inches (9 1/2 inches if you measure down the inside curve).  It's made of solid stainless steel, pretty hefty, and fabulously shiny.  It's also hailed as the toy for female ejaculation.

The Pure Wand is made to be both a G-spot toy (women) and a P-spot/prostate toy (men).  However, Husband isn't crazy about P-spot massages, so this will be solely a G-spot toy for us, which is fine with me.

Did I mention I love with this thing?

Packaging and care:  The Pure Wand comes in a really strong cardboard box.  I do mean really strong.  It has the solidness of wood, but much lighter.  Seriously you could probably take this box and punt it like a football and not hurt it.  Inside, the lid is padded with a black, velvety feeling foam.  In the base of the box is a foam insert that has a recess the same shape as the Pure Wand.  The foam is then covered in a pink, satiny, material.

Care is very simple.  Wash with soap and water.  If you wish, it can also be boiled or cleaned with a 10% bleach solution, as long as you are very careful to rinse well afterwards.  Don't use abrasive pads.

What I loved: Everything.  Having the choice of a thinner, but still satisfactory head or a larger and filling head depending on my mood is delightful.  It's like two G-spot toys in one!

It turns out that I really need firm pressure or rubbing on my G-spot as opposed to vibrations or gentle massage, and the Pure Wand definitely excels at that.  The curve is absolutely perfect and hits the right spots without having to contort or hold it in an awkward manner.  Remember when I talked about the Bimini Ocean and how I had to hold it in an uncomfortable manner?  Or how I wished the Pink Flowered Friend had more of a curve?  That's not a problem with the Pure Wand.  In fact, this toy has Husband and I wondering if I may be capable of a G-spot orgasm after all.

What I didn't: The Pure Wand is a bit heavy, so my arm eventually gets tired, as does Husband's if he's using it on me.  Also, the firmness and shape make it a bit hard for him to tell how much pressure he's using on me, so every now and then I have to tell him to back off.  But those are problems that will come with a solid and hefty toy, and are issues I am more than willing to overlook.

Final thought: The Pure Wand runs about $110.  It's one of those toys where I can say with complete honesty that it is worth every penny they are asking for.  For such a deceptively simple looking stimulator, it's simply amazing.

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  1. Great review! One of the best dildos on the market, in my opinion :)