Sunday, January 13, 2013

Book Review: The Ultimate Guide to Fellatio

Remember when I said that I as going to do two reviews on a pair of books?  One good, one...well...OK, pretty awful.  The first review is going to be on the good one, but before we get to that, I have a couple of things to say.

It has been my experience that self-help/better sex/sexual education books are strange things.  Some are amazing.  Some are crap.  But here's the thing you have to remember: the books that are going to give you thorough information are going to give you thorough information. That means that the books that give lots of really useful information tend to be writing for everyone.  There will be sections for married people, for dating-but-monogamous people, for people with lots of partners, for heterosexuals and for LGBT people.  There will be information, sometimes lots of it, that won't be useful for everyone.  For instance, the book I'm reviewing today has a section on how to give oral sex to a strap-on dildo.  That is absolutely useless information to me. There are also brief erotica stories between the chapters.  I'm not a huge fan of erotica, so that also isn't altogether useful to me.  However, there was tons and tons of info that I did find useful.  With the really in-depth books, you have to just sort of sift through to find information that applies to you personally in your relationship and leave your sensibilities at the door.  If owning a book that includes everything but the kitchen sink isn't for you, feel free to skip this review and come back later when I talk about other stuff.

And without further ado, here's the review:

A little bit about it: The Ultimate Guide to Fellatio: How to Go Down on a Man and Give Him Mind-Blowing Pleasure by Violet Blue is a book about, you guessed it, oral sex.  More accurately, it's a book about fellatio, but there's more to it than that.  In addition to the expected tips and how-tos, there are also sections on safer sex, shaving, hygiene, anatomy and more.  There are also illustrations, charts, and diagrams, along with very brief erotica stories.  Note: If you don't like/don't get/have strong feelings against erotica, the sections are clearly marked.  You won't read anything by accident.

What I loved:  There is so much in this book that I never even thought of.  Not only are there some pretty great tips and tricks here, including different techniques to do with your tongue and hands, there are also sections about positions, comfort, male genital massage and how to practice giving oral sex if you're nervous.  For those new to oral sex, there are tips to help you get over the jitters of starting out.

What I didn't:  I thought some of the illustrations were very corny and somewhat shocking.  Not shocking as in Well, I never!  But shocking as in I'm reading along, tra-la-la-la-la, turn the page and boom!  Close-up drawing of a blow job in the works.  It's distracting and breaks up the flow.

Final Thought: I liked this book.  It has a lot of very solid and useful information, and I go back to it often.  Those picking up the book just need to be aware that the book was written with a large variety of people in mind.  If you are looking for a book that only speaks to married couples or only speaks to heterosexual couples, this isn't it.

~I received this book at a discount in exchange for writing an honest review on another site.~

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