Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bedtime (and I mean sleep!)

Whenever we watch a (modern-ish) sitcom and they show the husband and wife climbing into bed at the end of the day, the couple always lays a foot or more apart with their backs facing each other.  I understand that they're actors and they of course aren't going to get uncomfortably close, but it always made me wonder about the sleeping life of other couples.

Some people seem to really need their space when they sleep.  Others have to be right up against their spouse.  I've wondered which is more common.  For Husband and I, we have to sleep right up against each other.  Whether we are spooning, have our backs against each other, or even just have our feet touching, we have to be in contact.  The more contact the better.  If we aren't making contact or if one of us rolls away in our sleep, neither of us sleep well.  This is big problem when it's too hot in the house to cuddle.

We've been fitful in our sleep recently.  I've had some things on my mind that have caused me to toss and turn, while Husband can't seem to stay asleep.  Between his constant waking up and my restlessness, we're exhausted.  We haven't been able to lie still enough for any sort of cuddling in the past few days, which has made him wake up more often and me roll around even more.  We're hoping tonight will be better.


  1. Wife and I are the same way K. We have to be touching each other. I am gone for 24 hours every third day and she can't sleep or does not sleep well when I am gone.

    1. I totally understand that. On the very rare occasion when Husband is away I don't sleep.