Monday, January 28, 2013

Bedroom Misadventures: Episode 4

You've seen me talk about doing DIY spa fun at home with Husband.  Although he's not exactly in touch with his feminine side, he does love the attention of being exfoliated with a sweet smelling sugar scrub, being massaged, and relaxing to the soft light of candles.  I'm more than happy to oblige.

A few nights ago, I put together another one of our wonderful spa nights.  I got the sugar scrub ready, the basalt stones set up in case he wanted a hot stone massage, placed the candles, and made a bubble bath with a recipe I had found online that was repeated over and over with such authority and vehemence that I thought it must be a good recipe.  This recipe called for castile soap like Doctor Bronner's (I used peppermint Dr. B's), some essential oil (lavender for me), glycerin, and water.  Simple, yes?  I thought so.

I mixed it all up in a pretty glass container and set it on the side of the super-crazy-shiny-tub-that-I've-spent-all-day-cleaning-in-preparation-for-this.  Then, I waited for the kids to go to bed.  Everything was going according to plan.

I ran the tub and added the bubble bath.  Husband noted his surprise and pleasure at the bubbles forming.  Everything was going great, until the bubbles, as soon as they formed, vanished.  There were no bubbles in the bubble bath, and we hadn't even stepped into the tub yet.  What was there was milky white and very fragrant bath water, so we just continued on and got into the tub.

So far, so good.  Husband and I were enjoying each other's company, rubbing each other down with new wash cloths and just being present.  I was relaxed, he was relaxed and then...

Did I mention I used PEPPERMINT Doctor Bronner's for the bubble bath?

Maybe you don't know where I'm going with this.  Let me explain.  A lady's parts are very sensitive.  Think of the cool-but-slightly-burning sensation you get in your mouth when you eat a peppermint candy.  Now think of that same sensation, but stronger, in a place where it should not be.

Fortunately, the feeling stopped almost immediately after I got out of the water and rinsed off.  Husband thought it was funny and endearing, as he always does when one of my experiments goes wrong.  Well, lesson learned.  Peppermint is not for baths.

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  1. I haven't tried it in a bath yet but maybe Ylang Ylang would be good, it has aphrodisiac properties.