Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Touche Ice Massager (Small) Review

A few days ago I told you about Fun Factory's Stronic Eins.  It's an amazing toy that is truly unique in it's function.  I have never seen anything like it.  Today I'm going to tell you about another unique toy, but unlike the Stronic Eins, this one didn't exactly inspire a sense of awe.  I'm going to be talking about the Touche Vibrating Ice Massager (Small).

A little bit about it: Let me go ahead and just say bluntly what this is.  It's a vibrating ice cube handle.  No, really.  It's a silicone ice cube handle and ice cube form with a small bullet vibe.  You remove the bullet with a special included tool that looks a lot like an Allen wrench, and set it aside.  You then fill the form (the white part) with water, and place the handle (the colored part) on top.  Then stick in the freezer.  When it's done, you put the bullet back in and you have a vibrating ice massager...in theory.

What I loved: *sigh*  Um...  You know what?  As far as sex play goes, I have nothing nice to say here.  Usually I can think of something, but not this time.

What I didn't: I had problems with this from the start.  First off, the bullet is extremely buzzy and weak, and is very difficult to remove from the hole in the side of the handle.  Remember, you have to take it out to freeze the handle and mold, so this is a huge design flaw.  Even though it comes with a tool, the tool did little for me except scratch the crap out of the side of the vibe and slightly rip the handle.

Scratched bullet.  Also, the end is coming open for some reason.
Hole for the bullet vibe.
Once the bullet vibe is back in the handle and the ice cube is formed, there is another huge problem.  The vibrator does not vibrate the ice very much.  You can feel the ice vibrating, but barely, with your fingers.  If you place it anywhere else on your body, you can't feel the vibrations at all.  However, the handle (colored part) does buzz quite a bit, so it tickles your hand.  So, the handle vibrates, but the part that is supposed to vibrate doesn't.

Final Thought: I'm going to say outright that I never use this as a sex toy.  It's OK for nipple stimulation and such, but I just can't get over the failure of the vibrations.  I can just leave the bullet out and use it for temperature play, but without the bullet there is quite a big hole on the side.  Honestly, that's ugly.  I would be happier if instead of such a failure of a bullet that gets stuck in a place that it's supposed to be easily removed from, it was just the handle and the ice form.  As it is, the fact that it vibrates is a major selling point, so I can't help but feel really let down that it doesn't work that well.  I would like to see a non-vibrating version where the handle is just solid, instead of having a hole for the bullet.  A solid handle combined with the nice rounded ice cubes it produces would be great for temperature play.  The way it currently is has me irritated and Husband scratching his head.  I now use it when my hormones get crazy and give me hot flashes.  It's good for that.

~I received this item as a freebie when I bought another item.~

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