Monday, February 18, 2013

Stronic Eins Review

I told you that I was going to get it.  And I did.  I basically wiped out my points to have it, but now it's mine.  The much celebrated, much coveted, much blogged about, Fun Factory's Stronic Eins!  You can picture trumpet fanfare here if you'd like.  Go ahead.  You know you want to.

A little bit about it: The Stronic Eins, according to Fun Factory, is not a vibrator.  It's a pulsator.  It doesn't vibrate as much as it shakes forward and back.  It sort of, but not quite, mimics sex.  It's rechargeable, waterproof, comes with 4 speeds and 6 patterns, and is made of silicone with a plastic handle.  The total length runs about 9.5 inches total from end to end, but only about 4.5-5 inches is insertable.  The circumference gets gradually wider as you go down the toy.  It's about 4 inches in circumference towards the tip, finally becoming 6 inches toward the handle.  I know that sounds really wide for most people, but don't worry.  You likely won't be inserting it that far.

The packaging: I know some people really hate tacky packaging (*cough* me *cough*), but this one comes in the typical coppery box with outer informational sleeve that other Fun Factory toys come in.  It's neither tacky nor particularly discreet.

What I loved: Honestly, the size of this thing is perfect.  It's not so wide that most people would have problems, nor is it so small that it's unsatisfying.  There is a small amount of flex to the silicone, but not so much that there is any trouble hitting the right spots with some oomph.  The G-spot curve, combined with the specific kind of movements the Stronic Eins offers, is phenomenal.  My favorite way to use it is to set the G-spot tip at the right place and then just let go.  I mean literally, hands off.  Holding on to the toy, especially if you hold on tight, reduces the movements and therefore the effectiveness.  You can hold it loosely and be fine, but really I think just not touching it is the way to go.  And since I've recently discovered G-spot orgasms, this is now one of my favorite toys, right up there with the Pure Wand.

The pulses cause the Stronic Eins to shake back and forth (or, in and out, if you will).  It only moves about an inch in each direction when it does, but it feels like it is moving so much further!  The strength of the pulses shake my whole lower abdomen.  However, if I can be perfectly honest, the toy does not feel like having sex.  I know a lot of people, myself included, were really hoping it would mimic sex.  Although some of the patterns sort of mimic the same kind of patterns you'd find in sex, it's not quite the same.  Let's be honest here: sex is sex, a toy is a toy, and one can't truly feel like the other.  That being said, the pulses instead of vibrations are a truly unique sensation.  I wish I could say the Stronic Eins feels like ______, but at the moment there is nothing on the market like it.  The closest way I can describe the sensations from the Stronic Eins is to say that it is like combining the rhythms of sex with the steady predictability of a vibrator with the motion of a favorite dildo minus the arm fatigue.

Oh, and because I have to fit this in here somewhere, let me say that the Stronic Eins is super quiet.  You may be able to hear it in the same room, but not from behind a closed door.

What I didn't: When I tried using the Stronic Eins in different positions, even standing up in the shower with it, it reduced the effectiveness.  It isn't an issue with the toy losing power, but more an issue of it needing to have the room to move freely.

Final thought: At $200, I have to say whether or not the toy is worth it.  To me?  Yes.  Totally worth it.  If I had a star rating system, I'd rate it 4.5 or 4.75 out of 5 stars.  It is a truly unique and amazing toy, and the shape of it is great even if you don't like the pulses.  However, not everyone is going to be madly in love with the motions.  It's one of those toys that is so unique that you will not know if you love it until you try it.  Personally, I love it and Husband is rather amused by it.

~I received this toy at a discount in exchange for writing a review on another site.~


  1. I told you that you would love it, This time I was right!!

    1. You certainly were! It's not a rock-your-world sort of toy, but it is quite nice and I am very glad I have it.

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  3. Most notable of this vibrator is that it looks like a toy but it vibrates but its movement back and forth will make them a sex toy innovator.

  4. Just spent the afternoon getting to know the Stronic Eins that arrived yesterday but which has been on charge since then. in short its really different and fun but its best as part of a double act with a good clit vibe like my Wahl 2 speed. The Stronic doesn't as much thrust inside as wobble and while it feels yummy it isn't likely to make the dambs burst alone but when clitoral play gets me there the sensations from the writhing in my vagina really feel sensational. The other fun thing I discovered is that popped into my tights so that its longways on along my vulva feels nice. I'm going to get some lycra pants or maybe a leotard to hold it up close and personal as that may give better control than the tights and allow me to open my legs and let the toy move more freely. I can't wait!