Saturday, March 2, 2013

Lelo Ella Review

I'm the type of person that knows pretty quick whether or not I like a toy.  The Ella, however, really had me stumped.  I didn't seem to have any feelings about it.  It didn't blow me away, but it didn't disappoint me, either.  My sexy self viewed the Ella the way my non-sexy side would view a pencil: it's just an item that is in my house that I have no emotional attachment to.  It took some real pondering to be able to put into words how I feel.  Honestly, I feel meh about it, but I had a lot of trouble figuring out what exactly was wrong.

A little bit about it:  The Lelo Ella is a double-ended silicone G-spot dildo.  On one end is a curved neck with a flattened head that reminds many people of a hammer.  On the other side is a wider shaft that tapers down to a point.  It's waterproof and easily cleaned with soap and water.

Ella is about 7.5 inches long, if you follow the outside curve.  The "hammer" end is around 4 inches around.  The other end (the one with the point) is also around 4 inches at the widest part.

Packaging: I love classy packages.  Not a duckface-making porn star in sight here.  There is an outer cardboard box, then an inner, heavy-duty, but beautiful box.  You know what?  I'm going to let the photos do the talking here.

What I loved: The texture on the Ella is amazing.  It's not glossy and dragging like the We-Vibe Touch, but doesn't have the powdery matte feel of the G4 Big Boss.  It's something in between, and oh how it just glides.  The Ella feels better to my fingers than any other toy I've ever had.  I carried around for at least half an hour just playing with it in my hands.  I didn't want to put it down.  Unfortunately, my G-spot is a little less picky over such things.

Ella calls the color "Deep Rose" but really it's more like a fuchsia.  Even though it is pinkish it is not the standard bubblegum pink that so many toy companies firmly believe that women want.  And, they had the forethought to also offer Ella in white and black.  Kudos.

The Ella is not too big around, nor is it so small that it is unsatisfying.  It's not phallic shaped, so those that are new to toys or those that want more art than reality in their toys will appreciate the beautiful aesthetics that can still get the job done.

What I didn't: The shape isn't quite right for me.  The most obvious (to me) issue is the pointed end.  I've seen a lot of reviewers complain that the point smashes painfully into their cervix.  Honestly, I like my cervix being bumped, but not like this.  This is a sharp, intense feeling and is in no way pleasurable.

The length also needs to be a little bit longer.  If you use it as a thrusting toy, there isn't a whole lot left outside of the vagina to grab onto.  If you have a particularly deep vagina, this is going to be a problem.

Something about the size and shape of the Ella makes it very hard, ergonomically speaking, for me to use.  I find I need to almost hyper-extend my elbow to be able to use it effectively, and that is certainly uncomfortable.

Final thought: I like the Ella, but I don't love it.  If I could redesign it, it would end up looking more like this:

It's not a particularly fantastic toy.  It's not a horrible toy, either.  I would recommend it to new people who are just starting in on toys and don't know what they're looking for, particularly those that are new to luxury and silicone toys.

While the Ella isn't the worst toy I've had, and it is fairly decent at G-spot stimulation, I'm going to have to stick to my Pure Wand for G-spotting.


  1. The whole length/awkward thing is what keeps me from being able to use/love things like rabbit vibrators (they work best when sticking straight out your vag, but that's not easy to maneuver!) and most dildos. That damn Pure Wand has seriously just ruined me on nearly every dildo.

    1. Very true. I haven't found too many that I like that much since. However, I do still like the G4 Big Boss, but that has a different purpose than the Pure Wand.

  2. Thanks! I've been looking at the Ella for a bit now. I've got the Moka by PicoBong which is shaped similar but I can't thrust with toys like these. Those tips get hooked on my pubic bone but I loved the pressure it had on the G-spot.