Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bedroom Misadventures Episode 5: Blogging Edition

It was all going so well.  The house was quiet and I was alone.  I am almost never alone.  We had house guests, but they, along with Husband and Children, were out for the day.  It was just me.  I thought I would take the time to snap some photos of products for upcoming reviews.  Generally, I do this outside for the better light.

I set it all up.  I even had the different backdrops (because photos going to different places get different backgrounds.  It's how I organize).  I snapped all the photos from all the angles that I needed, and triumphantly went inside.  Once in, I took a quick snap of a product's seam that I hadn't noticed before. The camera's click didn't sound right.  It wasn't the rapid focus-click I expected on the auto setting.  It was slower, and even though I was in a relatively dim room, the flash did not come on.

I wonder why that is, I thought.  It's dark.  The flash should have-- Oh, crap.

The settings on the camera had been changed.  Husband must have used it after I did.  He likes to set up his camera just so, controlling everything.  Even though I know how to use the camera (and find the info I've forgotten), I generally just have it set to auto.  Being a wife and mom, I'm always bouncing from one thing to another, so having it set to auto just helps me get through photos faster when people aren't looking.

Maybe the photos came out, I thought desperately.  I plugged in the camera card and had a look.  Grainy.  Dark.  Unuseable.  I would have to do the entire shoot again.

Time was getting short and I had no idea when everyone would be back.  I certainly didn't want to explain why I had sex furniture everywhere.  I hurried to set everything back up.  Suddenly, I was aware that the neighbors on both sides of our house were out and active.  Time to go lightspeed before they decided to pop their friendly heads over the fence to see what I was up to.

I retook the photos of the small items, then laid out the backdrop for the bigger items: a comparison shoot between the Little Deeper Cushion and the Liberator Wedge.  I put the Little Deeper Cushion down, and ran to get the Wedge.  On the way back out the Wedge slipped from my fingers.  It landed on its edge in the dirt and started cartwheeling across the yard.  I chased after it, but when I picked it up I learned the hard way that dirt and sand had stuck to the microfiber of the cover.  In my race to pick it up, I jerked it too hard and dirt flew off the cover and into my eyes.

Rubbing debris out of my eyes and off of the Wedge, I took as many good shots as I could, than hustled to pack it all back up before everyone came back home and the neighbors got curious.

In case you are wondering, I made it in time.


  1. That was too funny!

  2. I've gotten the knock on the bathroom door "babe? Are you taking pictures of your ass again?"