Friday, August 16, 2013

Follow-Up Friday: Njoy Eleven

~I received this item at a discount in exchange for an honest review.~

How I felt about it then:
My Njoy Eleven came at the beginning of June.  I remember my barely contained excitement when I was finally able to order it, being shocked and delighted at just how big it really is when it arrived, and then the sad meh feelings that followed use.  It was supposed to be the perfect vaginal toy for me, but I found it to be just fine.  Not rock-your-world awesome, but not crushingly disappointing, either.  It was decent if I was particularly in the mood for it, but mostly it just sat in it's beautiful bag.  My main complaint was that even though it is curved for G-spot stimulation, the curve and shape weren't quite right to do anything more than occasionally brush past my G-spot.  Like many women, I need a bit more of direct pressure/rubbing on my G-spot than just flirting with it.  In short, it was just OK, but for such a very pricey toy, I expect better than just OK.

How I feel about it now:
A few days ago, Husband offered to operate the Eleven for me.  It had been a while since we used a vaginal toy in our intimate time, so I said yes even though I wasn't crazy about the Eleven.  As soon as he started using it on me, everything changed.  The Eleven jumped from meh to wow!  When I'm using it just by myself it's almost impossible for me to be able to hold it at the right angle, and even if I get there, I can't hold it for long.  The Eleven becomes too heavy and awkward.  However, when Husband used it on me at a different angle (that I wasn't able to achieve alone), my G-spot received much more stimulation.  The downside is that since the Eleven has no give to it, whatever partner is handling the toy has to be careful not to insert it too far or too roughly to avoid some very painful sensations.

Revised Final Thought:
When using the Eleven alone, it's still just meh.  With a (careful) partner, the angle can be controlled better and provides much better stimulation.  For me, it's still mildly disappointing since I can't get reliable stimulation unless Husband is controlling it, and that's only going to be occasionally.  For the most part, it just takes up space by my toy box.

~I received this item at a discount in exchange for an honest review.~

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