Friday, May 3, 2013

Rocks Off 7 Speed RO-80 Review

~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~

Generally, I don't like hate despise bullet vibes, with the exception of luxury rechargeables like the We-Vibe Salsa or Tango.  At the same time, I love compact vibes.  Trying to find a vibe that is small but doesn't succumb to the same pitfalls that most buzzy, weak bullets fall into is not that easy.  When Vibrator Kingdom was kind enough to offer me a bullet from Rocks Off, I had to admit that though I've tried a lot of bullets, I've never tried one from that manufacturer.

I'd like to thank Vibrator Kingdom for sending me the RO-80 to review.  Also, check out the wrapping job they did.  Nice, yes?  I love the little touches they do.  Seriously, I can get lost in their site.  In a good way.

A little bit about it: The RO-80 is a small, bullet vibrator made for external use on the clitoris.  It's waterproof, runs on one N battery, is operated by one button, has 7 settings, and comes in a range of colors.  A cute little black storage bag is included, which is a nice touch.

Packaging: I have to say the packaging is fairly nice.  Not a porn star to be seen.  It's not discreet, but it is classy.  I have seen toys around this price that come in boxes covered with women with giant, bare breasts before, and occasionally toys that come in nothing more than a plastic bag with an informational card.  Nope, not kidding.  Rocks Off clearly took some time in designing a package that didn't go overboard, but is still nice.

Also, I'm easily amused.

Ten points if you can find the punctuation error that's driving the grammar nazi inside me insane.

What I didn't love: Yep, today I'm doing this backwards and telling you what I didn't like first.  Trust me, it makes more sense in this case.

First off, one of the 7 Speed RO-80's selling points is that it has, well, 7 speeds.  I thought that's pretty darn impressive.  7 speeds?  Really?  Unfortunately, it actually doesn't.  Not the way I think of it, anyway.  Instead, it has 7 settings: 3 speeds and 4 patterns.

Let's talk about the 3 intensities for a minute.  The first setting is low, somewhat weak (of course, it's on low) and rumbly.  The second setting feels like a cross between rumbly and buzzy.  It's nice, but not strong enough.  So, bumping it up to the third setting, which should be enough, I encountered a big problem.  The vibrations went right to buzzy.  I hate buzzy.  Buzzy makes me go numb before I ever reach orgasm.  For that point alone, the RO-80 is not for me.

Husband and I tried to use it together during intercourse, placing it between us like we do with the Touch or Salsa, or even the Hitachi, but the vibrations aren't strong enough.  It just sort of got lost between us.

What I loved: I wrote this backwards because even though *I* didn't like the RO-80, it does have redeeming value that I think other people will like.

So many people start off using vibrators by purchasing a bullet.  Bullets, though buzzy, are cheap and you are not out much money if you don't like it or it breaks.  That's both the great and horrible thing about them.  So what sets the RO-80 apart?

I'm not going to lie.  The vibrations are buzzy.  I think that's just what you are going to get without a serious jump in price.  But the RO-80 has some things going for it that other bullets don't.  For one thing, the company appears to have actually put some thought into it.  They even seemed to understand that not every woman goes nuts over pink, so their RO-80 comes in a variety of colors and patterns including gold, purple, and--I kid you not--pinto (which may be referring to the cow or the horse.  I'm not sure which).  I have scads of respect for companies that understand this very simple idea of individual aesthetic value.  Further, even though I hate buzzy vibrations, not everyone does.  Some people like them and will absolutely love this toy.

The RO-80 can be used as stimulation by proxy.  Since I didn't like these vibrations directly on my clitoris, I tried using it with a silicone dildo.  I turned the vibe on, and touched it to the bottom of the dildo (externally), which then came to life with a very pleasant hum.  It was a different sensation than you get with a typical vaginal vibrator, and really rather nice.

Final thought: So, here is who I am and am not recommending the RO-80 to.

Beginners:  This is a great starter toy.  It has both buzzy and rumbly vibrations, so you can see the difference.  It has patterns, so you can see if patterns are your thing.  This will help you in future purchases.  It's relatively cheap at 13.99 GBP (around $21 USD).  If someone came up to me today and said they are looking for their first vibrator and have a tight budget, I think I could be comfortable in recommending this one as a starting point.

Advanced users: As a clitoral toy, you are not going to love this unless you have a preference for buzzy vibrations.  However, it's not a bad foreplay toy.  A combination of movement with the vibrations on the clitoris actually feels pretty nice, even if not quite orgasm inducing.  Also, I noticed the vibrations carry very well through toy materials, so if you have a dildo with a bullet hole, the RO-80 is great for that.  Not only can you have your inexpensive bullet to use alongside  or inside other toys, but have it in style.  Purple Python, anyone?

~I received this item for free in exchange for an honest review.~

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  1. Brilliant unbiased and honest review, absolutely love it. Thank you very much for your time and obvious thought that has gone into this.