Saturday, May 4, 2013

It's May: Masturbation Month, Star Wars, and Safety Testing

Apparently May is Masturbation Month.  I am totally not kidding.  Masturbation Month was originally started by the adult shop Good Vibrations in 1995 after Jocelyn Elders, who was then serving as Surgeon General, was asked about masturbation and whether it could keep young people from being involved in riskier activities.  She replied, "I think that it is part of human sexuality, and perhaps it should be taught."  This statement was the last straw for the administration at the time, and she lost her position as a result.  Since Masturbation Month started almost 2 decades ago several companies, bloggers, and just general people have been on board with the idea that masturbation is part of sexual health and celebrating the merry month of May in that regard.

Today is May 4th.  Star Wars fans everywhere are greeting each other with "May the Fourth be with you."  However, I got in trouble this morning when I misspoke something about Star Wars (actually, I spoke correctly.  My conversational companion misunderstood), which I explained away by saying it was wibbly wobbly timey wimey.  He told me I was destroying it.  But then he said, "Mr. Fett, engage," so I think we're even. (Note for those not a part of Geekdom: I combined Doctor Who with Star Wars.  He shamed me for it, then responded by mixing Star Wars with Star Trek.  It's funny.  Shut up, it's totally funny.)

Big news from the sex toy world! launched, and this is a really big deal.  Consumers and reviewers have been growing more and more suspicious of sex toy materials and their safety, but up until now there was no way to know for sure that the toy material being advertised is the material you get.  Remember, sex toys in the US are not regulated.

From the Dildology press release:
“In an industry that is largely unregulated, consumers have been relying on the manufacturers to disclose the materials used in any given sex toy,” says blogger Dangerous Lilly, the organization’s marketing director. “But the fact is no governing body requires full disclosure, or even any ounce of truth. We think it’s about time consumers have reliable information on the toys they’re using so intimately with their bodies.”
Pretty dang admirable, if you ask me.  Not sure why this is needed?  Go do some research on jelly toys.  Find out about the questionable materials and reactions, how fast they break down, and how they can't really properly be cleaned.  Find out about phthalates and other potential carcinogens in toys.  This info is important.  We, as consumers need to have access to safe products.  Since there is no official regulation (which would have certain pitfalls even if we had it), we have had no other option than to simply trust that what the company says it is is actually what it is.  Until now.

To find out more about, visit their page.  If possible, donate.  They are a nonprofit organization and are relying on donations to keep their doors open.

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