Sunday, August 19, 2012

Body Paint Fail, aka, Too Much Baking Gets Me in Trouble

I'm a whole foods kind of person.  The practice, I mean, not the store.  OK, let me try that again.  I'm a from-scratch kind of person when it comes to food.  If I can make it instead of buy it, I do.  Everything from bread to chilli is whipped up in my kitchen.  And I like it.

Some weeks ago, I saw edible chocolate body paint for sale.  "Awesome," I thought.  And then I looked at the ingredients.  Wow.  I didn't know what most of that was.  Oh, wait.  Fake vanilla.  I recognized that one.  And who wants fake vanilla, anyway?  Blech.

But, hey, edible body paint!  Edible=food!  Food=recipe!  Recipe=I'm sooo on it!  TO THE INTERNET!!!

A short trip around Google showed me several recipes I could use.  Finally, tonight, I had the time to try one of them.  So while patiently dissolving sugar and water I went through the next ingredients in my mind.  I could see myself measuring out the cocoa powder.  I could also see myself using the remaining cocoa powder and emptying the container.  Could see it like it already happened.


I could see it like it already happened because it DID already happen.  I had finished up the cocoa powder when I made...sigh...chocolate oatmeal cookies as a snack for the kiddos.

No fun in the kitchen.  No chocolaty smell.  No body paint.


  1. Should have a second container of cocoa for the adults. And face scrubs!!!

  2. Cocoa face scrub you say? Haven't tried that one. I've done the baking soda one, and the lemon sugar, and the oatmeal...

    I'll all about DIY. Can you tell?