Saturday, October 5, 2013

And Then I Got a Piercing Part 3

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You'd think that once I had the actual piercing done, there'd be nothing more to say.  Maybe I'd have to deal with some infection later on or something.  But really, all you have to do is take a look at my Bedroom Misadventures to know that things tend to go wrong around me.  Seriously, yesterday I was stepping into my flip flops and fell backwards over a nightstand and into a wall.  Not only that, I am a chronic, obsessive worrier.

So I was lounging with Husband on the bed, exhausted, spent, and enjoying the attention of my hot, redhead husband that suddenly couldn't keep his hands off me.  He asked me about how I thought the piercings look.  I glanced down at them, and was suddenly horrified.

"They aren't straight!" I gasped.

"What?  They look fine."

"No, they don't.  LOOK.  This one is crooked.  It angles this way.  And look, this one angles that way. They both go diagonally inward, like a V.  And look at the left one.  It looks like she got way too far onto my actual nipple."  I was starting to panic that my body may reject the piercings and/or I'd have to have them redone.

He laughed a little at me, but had to admit they did sort of angle inwards, and one did look like the hole was a little far out.

*Sigh.*  This is about to get a little embarrassing, but I'd be remiss if I didn't tell you the whole truth of the matter.  There was nothing wrong with the piercings.  They looked a little odd because, well, skin moves.  And nipples are sometimes erect, sometimes not, and depending on how the skin is laying will affect how the piercing looks.  Later on in the day, they looked like they were angled the complete opposite way.  And the one piercing that looked like it was out too far?  It moved back into it's proper place.

Of course, I still had to get through the day.  Husband kept his promise and took over the more heavy/dirty/sweaty chores from me.  In addition, he did listen to me complain.  A lot.  But something else happened, too.  He kept sneaking glances at me.  Slyly, trying to hide it.  I'd never seen him do that.  I finally told him that he's allowed to look at me, and is welcome to look if he wanted to.  Since then he has occasionally asked me, just at random times, to see the piercings, and I, enjoying his reaction, occasionally offer to show him.  And, the sex has been amazing.  I'm not saying that to brag or be crass, but it's an important part of the story.  I had new, heightened sensitivity (and novelty, and oooh, shiny...) and he had a new visual stimulant.  Doesn't take a genius to figure out how those go together.

But I'm getting a little off topic.  Anyway, in the late afternoon of that first day, I took a shower.  I heard a small sound.  Just the tiniest plink.  So quiet that at first it didn't even register that I heard it.  I was rinsing off, turned around to face the water, and then I saw it.  A teeny, tiny metallic something on the floor of the tub.  For a second, I didn't make the connection.  I looked down at my new piercings.  One of them was missing the ball on the end.  The drain holes on the tub are really big.  Then it all clicked.  I rushed to grab the ball before it was lost forever down the drain and screamed for Husband.

"What, what is it?" he said.

"The ball came off!" I said, completely panicked.

"Oh.  Well, put it back on," he replied, completely calm.

Put it back on.  Sometimes, I'm an idiot.  But my fingers were wet so I had to have him do it.  From that point onward, every time I do the routine thrice daily washing of the piercings, I give the balls a little tighten to ensure this doesn't happen again.

By the end of the first day, I was already feeling better.  Most of the soreness had gone except when I bumped them or cleaned them.  When I did clean them, they became sore again for a little while.  Otherwise, after the first few hours after the piercing, I felt better.

Until bedtime.

I happen to be a stomach sleeper, and the piercings were most certainly in the way.  I spent a fitful night trying to stay in sleeping positions that just don't feel natural to me.  Even when I was asleep, I was vaguely aware of the piercings.  When I rolled over onto my stomach at one point, I woke up minutes later with both a physical and mental agitation.  I slept on and off throughout the night, and when I woke up in the morning, I felt over my shirt for my piercings to make sure the balls had not fallen off again.  I felt nothing.  Panicked, I rushed to the bathroom, flipped on the light, and pulled my shirt open.  Both piercings still there, just pressed against my skin.

A day later, day 3, one of the piercings started aching.  Did I mention I tend to jump to the worst case scenario?  What if my body is rejecting the piercing?  What if I have an infection?  What if I'm getting an abscess?  What if I'm allergic to the metal?  What if this somehow kills me?

See where my mind goes?  Can you imagine what goes on in my head sometimes?  It's exhausting.

The next night, I slept a little better, but still woke up on and off and was plagued by worst case scenario nightmares.  When I felt like I was finally in a deep sleep, Husband snuggled up against me.  It was morning.

"I'm awake!" he whispered.  "I've been awake for a while."

I looked over at him.  "Great.  I'm not."

"Oh," he said.  He felt a little bad.  He really thought I was awake when he, you know, woke me up from a dead sleep.  "You can go back to sleep."

"No, I can't."


"Because I'm already awake and talking to you."

In his defense, under normal circumstances, I would have woken up long before.  As it was, I felt unsteady on my feet but the time for sleep had passed.  I got up, threw on some clothes, and looked at myself in the bathroom mirror.  I noticed my hair was doing a Bride of Frankenstein thing.  I tried to fix it a bit, but gave up.

Husband came in behind me.  "You look tired," he noted.  Boy, was the guy asking for a smack.

The next night I had more nightmares.  I dreamed something had gone wrong and I was trying to call the piercer to see if it was normal or what to do.  I looked at her card, but only found the number of the shop (which in the dream I couldn't call for some reason).  Woke up again, panicked, and again thought my piercings were gone.  Pulled my shirt up and felt for them.  Oh, good, they're still there.  Oh, crap, I just put dirty hands all over my fresh piercings.

I'm tired.  I'm very, very tired.  Mostly because I can't get comfortable at night, and that is definitely affecting my mindset.  Sometimes I think that I am one hot momma, but other times I wonder what in the name of all things I was thinking by agreeing to this.  I'm still working out my feelings on it.  At the moment, I don't love it, I don't hate it, although during different times of day I do both those things.  Perhaps I'll end up loving them.  Perhaps in a few weeks I'll get tired of them and take them out.  I'm not sure yet.

Part 4 to come, but later, after some healing time and when I decide if I like it.

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  1. Mmm, I know how badly a lack of sleep can affectyou. Hope the healing happens quickly so you can move past this stage onto actually figuring out if you like them!