Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Breast Ogling Heart Health Myth

There is a charming idiotic myth about sexual and cardiovascular health that's making it's way through society again.  Have you heard it?  Allow me to give you the very brief version of this myth.  Remember I said myth.  And I'll say it again.  It's a myth.

The myth states that a doctor in Germany by the name of Karen Weatherby discovered that for men over 40, it is good for their health to stare at breasts that are D cup or larger for 10 minutes a day.  Doing so, supposedly, has the same health benefits of a 30 minute aerobic workout and is good for cardiovascular health.

This story has been reported on several health and wellness sites (along with some tabloids, of course).  Even more reputable sites didn't pull down their stories when comments alerted them to the fact that the Karen Weatherby breast study is in fact a complete and utter hoax.  And not just any hoax, but a hoax that is at least 14 years old, likely closer to 16.  This myth is old enough to get it's learner's permit and start practicing parallel parking.

As a critical thinker, the very idea that breast staring = exercise seems completely ridiculous, so why did so many people buy into it?  Even more disturbing, according to some comments I read, men were intending on using this "study" to defend their blatant staring at other women to their wives and girlfriends, and they should just understand.  Why are they--why is anyone--buying into this nonsense?

My guess: wishful thinking.  We, as humans, appreciate beauty, but we also believe staring is rude.  As a woman, I would be extremely uncomfortable if a stranger came up to me and said he was going to stare at my chest for 10 minutes for his heart health.  Or if Husband said he was going out for a while to look at some boobies (which I'd also find a little odd, because, well, I'm right here).  This myth gives people a pass to stare at whatever they want, whenever they want without apology.

Look, I'm not saying breasts aren't awesome.  I'm not saying men don't notice them.  I'm just saying when you run across "studies" like this, you have stop and think.  Look it up.  Don't take anything you see or read for granted.  Heck, I expect you to look up what I say if something doesn't sound right to you.  Stop, drop, and roll.  Stop, think, research.

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  1. I think it's funny how many people fell for it. Personally I'm holding out for a study that will tell us that staring at hard-bodied men in tight pants will improve women's breast health (LOL).